BLACK DOMINO - Satisfy me! feat. Amanda Earhart [OUT NOW]

Updated: Sep 3

Black Domino is just about to drop his brand new track, Satisfy Me, featuring the vocal talent of Amanda Earhart.

What's most exciting about Satisfy Me is that Black Domino has created an immersive track with an infectious beat. It’s impossible to listen to Satisfy Me and not start moving along to the upbeat and fast-paced rhythm. There is also a heart-pumping build-up and a satisfying drop in the middle of the song. One thing is for certain; Black Domino is a seasoned expert who knows how to whisk the listener along on his musical rollercoaster.

One aspect of the song that stands out is Amanda Earhart’s vocal performance. She has an expressive and inviting voice that is perfectly suited to the vibe of the track. The vocal melody is also catchy, and you’ll find yourself singing the lyrical hook “I’m on fire” over and over again after the song has finished. Black Domino are well-known in the industry for their unique blend of synthpop and EDM, and Satisfy Me is no exception. In fact, in this release, they also experiments with piano house music, and the keys in Satisfy Me are a big part of its appeal. What’s most impressive about the track is that Black Domino is able to create a modern track that also has a retro vibe with synth sounds. It can be difficult to balance a song between the old and new, and Black Domino does it with a distinctive fresh twist! If you enjoy the likes of Calvin Harris, M83, Mark Ronson, David Guetta, and Depeche Mode, then you’ll love what Black Domino has to offer.

Satisfy Me will be available online on September 3. Don’t miss out! Click here to listen to the track on Spotify, Deezer or on Apple Music

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