Black Domino - Serious [OUT NOW]

Updated: May 5

Emerging duo Black Domino continue their rise with their latest groovy and melodic pop/electronic release ‘Serious’. The single features a catchy and uplifting melody with groovy synths, a driving bassline, and soothing vocals. Undoubtedly, ‘Serious’ has all the elements necessary to resonate with listeners. The instrumentation and the groovy beat drives the single creating a perfect fit for the vocal. The dark chord progression with the dreamy melody and unique arrangement keeps the listener engaged. Black Domino delivers a song that will take any listener into a musical journey. Undoubtedly, the duo’s ‘Serious’ will leave an impact on any pop and electronic music aficionado. Official Release Date: 05/01/2020

Listen on Spotify: Click USA Release -> Radikal Records

Europe & Rest Of The World Release -> Royal Casino Records

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