Following « Set You Free » SONJOOZ are back with their new single LUVDISCO. This track will take you back to the old groovy disco days and the Saturday Night Fever sensation.

Sonjooz is a project initiated by Luc Rigaux (producer / composer / writer)

and Viktoria (singer / writer/composer).

Luc has produced music for many years. He runs Genius Productions.

Having had his tracks released by some of the best labels he has hit the singles and dance charts across the world under many artist names as a producer or remixer.

Viktoria is a British singer and writer from Sheffield. She has previously worked with some producers, writers and managers in the UK (Paul Fairey – Jorden Milnes – Tim Ellis –

Mark Turner - William Kofi…) and also in Norway (Deepfrost).

Later she moved to Belgium and met Luc Rigaux.

Stream & Download “LUVDISCO”: Click Here

Watch official video:

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