Once again, we'd like to thank all the radio stations & resident deejays supporting our releases accross the world.

If you are a radio station or an official radio station/club resident deejay and you want to download our promos for free, you have to know that all our promos are available on and sometimes on Vip-ultima.

But if you are not member or don't have access to those websites, just send us a mail ( with your references (Club Resident Deejay/Radio Deejay/Radio Station name, Facebook official page, Website, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, etc...) and the promo you are looking for. We'll quickly check out that all is ok with you info and you'll receive the dropbox link to the promo. We'll also add your email address in our promo pool database (including the styles of music you're playing) which means that the next time we have a release, you'll receive the promo link in your email box if it fits your styles of music.

It will also work if you send us a private message with your promo request and your references info on twitter. Prerequisite is just that you'll just have to follow us and we'll followback.

Thanks for reading.

The RCR staff.

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