Otilia releases her single "Bilionera" on Royal Casino Records (BENELUX)

With over 70 million views on YouTube (and nearly 200 million across all channels of YouTube) and positioned top in the radio charts in countries including Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria, Otilia is the third artist from Romania, after Inna ( "Hot") and Alexandra Stan ( "Saxobeat"), that made headlines internationally since their debut. "Bilionera" already peaked at number one on charts in multiple countries including Turkey, Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria and is now ready to be released in Benelux. French Version: Avec plus de 70 million de vues sur Youtube (et pratiquement 200 million de vues sur toutes chaînes Youtube confondues) et positionnée dans le top des charts radio de pays in

Kristian Nairn from The Game Of Thrones show signed on Royal Casino Records, releasing his second so

Following his highly successful debut single, “Up/Beacon (featuring Leanne Robinson),” Kristian Nairn doubles down with his new single, “4Love (feat. Salt Ashes),” out soon with exclusive remixes on Royal Casino Records. Kristian Nairn rose to international fame for his portrayal of Hodor on HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. However, Nairn is also an accomplished musician and has been a professional DJ for almost two decades, holding down a residency at Kremlin, one of Northern Ireland’s most popular and enduring venues, for most of that time. He recently made his debut as a recording artist on Radikal Records with the release of his highly successful debut single “Up/Beacon (featuring Le

Royal Casino Records is an independent record label.

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