After GALACTIK, here's the new division from ROYAL CASINO RECORDS. UNDERWONDER will be the sublabel for Techno, House, Deep House, Tech House and everything that's basically growling under.... :) So no mainstream tracks here.... only underground sound. #news #royalcasinounderwonder #royalcasinorecords

Beatport creates new distinction of genres between EDM and underground electronic music.

Beatport made his spring cleaning, just a bit late. The online electronic music sales site completely rethinks its genres rating system. Since the rise of electronic music and its commercial derivatives, customers were a bit lost. The new version will be presented on Monday 12th September. From now, Beatport will separate sounds into two main categories: EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and underground electronic music. "Beatport is used by DJ's from both worlds. But it is rare for a DJ plays both types of music. ", explained Terry Weerasinghe (Vice President of the company) to Resident Advisor. In addition to the already established genres ( drum'n'bass , deep house , house, techno , progressi

Royal Casino Records is an independent record label.

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