Mark Wagner


Mark Wagner (real name Francis Mark) is a Belgian Producer coming from Liège/Luik. Feeling very attracted by electronic music production since 1992, he started to make his own music with some friends. Soon they're releasing some original tracks on belgian labels as Houze Factory, Indisc, Private Life Music, Sphear 2000. Shortly after, Mark starts focusing himself on other musical projects during some years, giving up electronic music production for a while until 2008, when he teams up with UK singer/songwriter Jasmine James on a new musical project called "Loverblush". From this moment, new musical projects coming one after another (in particular Black Domino project with Dj/Producer Steve Delrez aka Gingher), his meeting with producer Skreatch (aka Luc Rigaux) leads soon to the creation of a new record label (Royal Casino Records). 


Genres: House, Progressive, Deep House, Trance, Electro House, Club, ...

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